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Sustainability and incentive travel

Sustainability plays a crucial role in our lives. It has become a relevant topic of conversation, regardless of the kind of sector or business.

But, what is the link between sustainability and corporate events? Sustainability in a corporate event refers to having the smallest negative impact on the community, environment, society or economy. Corporate travel, corporate event or the meetings industry can benefit from sustainability itineraries, a necessary opportunity to consider the possible impact on our environment and take the relevant steps to achieve sustainable practices. Sustainability might seem like a big word, but it is very easy to begin acting sustainably.

Would you like to know how to organise sustainable incentive travel in Seville? Here, you will find some ideas to take into account when planning an incentive trip.

Sustainable transportation

Do you know that the latest planes are lowering their emissions, up to a point where Airbus announced their progression for zero-emission aircraft moved with hydrogen by 2035? Choosing a company with a young airline fleet will help meet the target. European standards make our continent consistently topping the list of the youngest fleets in the world.

Once in Seville, we can procure you with the most modern modes of transport, guaranteeing the minimum emissions in all your transfers of your Seville sustainable incentive travel.

Sustainable accommodation

The quantity of environmentally friendly hotels is rising consistently in Seville. An accommodation that supports sustainability practices should be focused on reducing waste and will help you reduce the emissions during your sustainable incentive in Seville.

Ideally, independently owned, and local hotels should be picked for your Seville sustainable group incentives where possible, to help the local economy.

Sustainable activities

You can help the environment while eating, as well. Select local and seasonal products, locally grown food, organic, if possible. It helps with your sustainable incentive in Seville, lowering pollution associated with long-distance transportation.

The incentive choices can as well be sustainable, while still encouraging team spirit. Human-powered choices, such as city discoveries, cycling, kayaking or hiking are ideal to compensate for your carbon footprint.

How to reduce the environmental impact of an event

Even if you plan mindfully, it is virtually impossible to entirely eliminate the carbon footprint of your sustainable group incentives, but there are many means to help lower the environmental impact of these events.

You can begin by cutting off all unnecessary paper – you would not imagine how much is printed in a working environment. By making your event paper-free, you are indeed working towards your aim. You will actually see it is easier when everything is handled via a dedicated app.

The same idea applies to plastic, heating, lights and air-conditioning. Wiser use of resources helps more than you could imagine reducing the carbon footprint. But there are numerous approaches to compensate for your carbon footprint.

We will be happy to help you organise a sustainable incentive trip to Seville. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

How to offset your carbon footprint?

A fantastic idea to compensate for the carbon footprint generated in an event is to calculate how much carbon is emitted during your incentive or another event, by using a carbon offset calculator, then, compensate on behalf of your firm.

One of the most common ways to compensate for your carbon footprint is to plant trees. Either by doing it as part of an incentive, by getting your hands dirty, or by hiring a dedicated firm specialised in planting trees, we arrange it for you! You can also opt to help reduce deforestation, contribute towards a wind farm project, or provide a source of clean drinking water to a local community.

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