Top 10 creative team building activities in Seville

When it comes to creating outstanding creative team building activities in Seville, no one does it better than us.

Best creative team building activities in Seville

We have compiled our top ten creative team building in Seville with everything from robot battles to iPad animation!

When it comes to selecting the most creative team building activities, the team at DMC in Seville has the best activities. Creative team building Seville activities are a great form to help as icebreakers and to help tie organisations.

As a creative team building company Seville, our portfolio includes team building suggestions that are appropriate for large or small groups. Get the whole organisation involved, put everything you can into it and see the benefits back in the place of work. Here is our range of the 10 top creative team building experiences Seville.

Don’t you know where to begin with designing your creative team building experiences Seville? Do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can plan your appropriate creative team building choice in Seville

Chocolate brand creation

creative team building by DMC in Seville - chocolate brand creation

This popular and innovative team building option in Seville challenge the team to prepare and found a brand new chocolate brand in a driven, fun-filled way. Groups will be assisted on brand building and marketing, whilst our Maître Chocolatier teaches, advises and assists everyone in the making of their Chocolate Brand Creation.

All groups will be judged on their branding, logo and pitch, but also on the quality of their chocolates. This creative team building competition is one of our most popular events, and it is the right way to switch off after a conference or full day of meetings in Seville. It promotes collaboration, cohesion and is an amazing icebreaker in any corporate event.

Graffiti workshop

creative team building by DMC in Seville - graffiti workshop

This Graffiti Team Building Seville activity is the most suitable way to promote communication within your employees while finding the creative capability in all participants.

This workshop has an artistic methodology from the very beginning, as the graffiti experts assist you through the essential techniques you must know. The workshop is an unbeatable mode to show that, with the right tools and knowledge, anyone can paint incredible and authentic pieces of street art.

This creative activity in Seville is an outstanding way to increase cooperation, communication and creativity within the crew. This is the event for your employees to integrate team building and learning a new aptitude while at the same time, letting out the inner artist we all have.

iPad movie making

creative team building by DMC in Seville - ipad movie

The iPad Movie Making Seville option is the best possibility to enhance creativity and gives you a chance to enjoy the excitement of film making!

The team will be split into groups, who will be given an iPad with a clapper board, a movie storyboard, microphone, lighting unit, and costumes. Then, the groups will have to decide on a subject for their film and prepare a storyboard.

This could focus on reproducing famous scenes from films, making a music video or a company advert; it is up to you!
An innovative and amusing creative team building choice Seville, suitable for small and large teams alike.

Masterpiece challenge

creative team building by DMC in Seville - masterpiece

Masterpiece Challenge is a creative team building option in Seville, where all the group has to recreate a giant size masterpiece of a famous artwork or even the company logo. The team will be split into reduced groups, that will work on different parts of the painting, without being able to see the entire picture.

Each group will give its personal touch to their work of art, boosting creativity, but also bearing in mind it needs to match with the sections next to theirs. At the end of the activity, the individual canvasses will be pieced together for everyone to wonder at the final work of art.

Soap box derby

creative team building by DMC in Seville - soapbox derby

Can you manufacture the most perfect race soapbox car in history? The Soap Box Derby in Seville is a memorable-filled creative team building experience ideal for creative minds and thrill-seekers alike.

The teams will have to assemble their vehicles from scratch, using all types of raw material and tools. After manufacturing the frame of the car, they will be able to customise and design the most perfect soap box car ever – aesthetics plays a big part in this challenge, too. Once finalised, the drivers and those pushing behind will begin a race against the clock to assess who be the winner of this creative team building choice in Seville!

Cookery masterclass

creative team building by DMC in Seville - cookery class

This creative activity in Seville will allow delegates to prepare different recipes under the supervision of experienced chefs, who will give their best tips, advice and techniques to make sure all recipes are cooked to perfection. The event will finalise with everyone gathered around the table to relish the dishes they have cooked.

The Cookery Masterclass Seville is an outstanding chance to stimulate communication, cooperation, and to make sure everyone has a fun and unbeatable experience. Amazing for introducing new organisations, improving relationships or as an icebreaker choice. It is the most appropriate experience to learn about a new culture through its food while you create a team spirit.

iPad animation

creative team building by DMC in Seville - ipad animation

iPad Animation is a memorable and creative team building event, ideal for all technology lovers! Using iPads, the groups are requested to produce a creative animation sequence, inspired by a theme of their choice.

Guests can customise their content to a particular theme or element of their business or select a different subject for their iPad Animation in Seville. To produce their animations, each group will be equipped with the newest technology on their iPads, which will be used to produce the movies.

iPad Animation deepens team creativity, enhances logical thinking, and is an exceptional option as part of your events in Seville.

Junk funk

creative team building by DMC in Seville - junk funk

Make some noise and de-stress with this awesome Funk Junk Seville experience!

Equipped with everyday scraps, like brushes, traffic cones, kitchen utensils, ladders, and buckets, the groups will have to play an unforgettable show for the rest of their teammates.

Junk Funk is an innovative team building choice Seville, whose target is to help as an icebreaker, as a way to enhance the group’s energy and is an exceptional option to perform within two working sessions, vitalising your corporate event in Seville.

Robot battles

creative team building by DMC in Seville - robot battle

Robot Battles is the perfect creative team building in Seville. Divided into several teams, they will have to construct a fully functional robot, customising and naming it before competing against the other teams’ robots. This ending combat will occur in the robot battle arena, who will triumph?

This innovative experience in Seville is the ultimate team building choice, where groups have to collaborate and show their troubleshooting abilities, decision-taking skills and communicate smoothly. It is fantastic for small and middle-sized corporate teams that are looking for a different team building activity in Seville, and use to think outside the box

Urban jam

creative team building by DMC in Seville - urban jam

Urban Jam is an outstanding team building experience in Seville for all kind of corporate events. It consists of three different options, that are appropriate as an icebreaker and to fuse new groups.

The team will be divided into smaller teams and will circulate between Street Dance, where they will be able to show their best street moves; Junk Funk, where they will create music using everyday junk objects; and Human Beat Box, where they will learn the art of beatboxing and rapping.

In the end, all choices will be incorporated for a final performance.

Why creative team building activities in Seville?

Seville creative team building options are the ideal add-on for events such as cultural incentive travel or wellness incentive trips to Seville, but they also work perfectly on their own without being part of any other larger event.

If you are seeking creative team building activities Seville to rise innovative thinking or to improve your team communication and interpersonal skills, iPad movie making is the optimal experience.

Alternatively, if you are looking for creative icebreaker team building activities to develop a friendly ambience, then the Masterpiece challenge is the best choice. Or if you want to grow staff morale, Robot Battles is a creative and enjoyable experience that will develop the perfect mood at any given moment.

All our creative team building options Seville can be conceived to reach your purposes and objectives and are an awesome chance to increase crew productivity. Our portfolio of innovative team building Seville options includes the Urban Jam, the Graffiti Workshop, the Junk Funk, and the Cookery Masterclass, to name but a few. But we also offer other Seville creative team building choices such as the Soap Box Derby, the Chocolate Brand Creation and the iPad Animation, and many more.

If you are searching for exceptional innovative team building choices in Seville for your next corporate event, we can help with a great catalogue of outdoor and indoor team building suggestions for an event to remember. View our most popular team building activities or our general section of team building in Seville to get more inspiration. Do not hesitate to contact us for more info.

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