Wellness incentive travel Seville

When it comes to creating unrivalled wellness incentive travel in Seville, no one does it better than us.

Wellness incentives in Seville

Adding a touch of wellness to your incentive is a great option to reward your colleagues, staff, and an unbeatable way to finalise any sort of corporate event.

Work is a notably important part of our lives, yet it is essential to find harmony between work and personal time. Nowadays, employees’ mental health is considered very seriously, and wellness incentive travel is a perfect activity to take care of your staff members, make them feel part of the agency.

Seville is an ideal spot for wellness incentives. From Arab baths and hammams to yoga retreats… The home of the Giralda has it all!
There are different ways you could incorporate wellness into your incentive in Seville, that you can integrate for an even greater experience!

Physical wellness during your incentive in Seville

What is the first image that comes to you when you think about relaxing? Probably a spa. Adding a spa session or choosing a hotel equipped with a spa is the easiest solution during your wellness group incentives in Seville. But you can find better than that! Hammams are part of the city’s Arab heritage, and there is a lot to choose from. A hammam is a great choice to soothe the body and mind – hot and cold pools, hot stones, steam rooms, total silence and a relaxing massage are the perfect ingredients to fully relax.

Another great option to make allowance for during your wellness incentive in Seville is a yoga retreat after the primary event or a daily yoga lesson before the planned activities of the day.

And lastly, a healthy food workshop. Knowing how to take care from the inside mirrors directly on the outside. An Andalusian food masterclass is an educational option, that will also unite the group.

Mental wellness during your incentive in Seville

You cannot talk about wellness without addressing the mental health topic. One of the most helpful ways to look after the employees’ and team mental health is to cover training with a coach to help you improve soft abilities in the workplace.

By organising sessions with a dedicated business coach, the team will benefit from acquiring aptitudes such as stress management, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, teamwork and many more. All these skills can be extrapolated to the workplace and help create healthier and better work conditions, contributing to healthier mental health.

Ask us for further details for your next Seville wellness group incentives.

Bleisure Travel Seville

The art of incorporating a business trip with leisure activities is a great one to refine, enabling even the most experienced business traveller to get more from their time abroad and to attain a healthy work-life balance.

Bleisure travel is all about balance and knowing how to manage your time better. Spare time is, too often, limited on bleisure trips, so make the most of it! Discover the city of Seville, sign up for a cooking experience, a foodie tour or a visit to one of the museums found in Seville can be fantastic options to enjoy the best of business and leisure.

Have you ever consider adding some extra days to your trip and enjoying what Seville area has to offer, by practising bleisure? When you are looking into things to do in your destination, it may also be worth expanding your parameters and seeking what is on offer out of Seville. You can select between discovering the Pueblos Blancos of Cadiz or enjoying some days of wine tourism in Jerez de la Frontera, and many other activities that are fantastic wellness options to choose from.


Your best wellness incentive trip in Seville

As you can see, there are different ways to include wellness in your incentive trip to Seville. By adding wellness activities, you are not only making the whole even more interesting but also will create a very positive impact on your staff that will continue through time. A wellness incentive travel Seville will also strengthen employees’ confidence and will enhance their engagement with the company, too.

In DMC in Seville, we are skilled in managing wellness incentives that will leave a positive and lasting effect through time, by combining business, leisure, and wellness. Do not hesitate to contact us today, and we will be glad to assist with your wellness incentive Seville.

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